The Insights of a Four-Year-Old

A memory snapshot captured by my sister-in-law

by Marshall Bruner / November 29, 2017

Today is my birthday, so I want to share this gift with you. The following is a memory snapshot of a four-year-old granddaughter captured by my sister-in-law, Joyce:

“I took the girls [grandkids] with me to the cemetery this morning to put fall flowers in the vases on Mama’s and Daddy's headstone. They loved arranging the flowers and investigating other nearby headstones. My three-year-old granddaughter, the youngest of the two, pointed to a large, grassy spot and said she wanted to go over there. As we headed that way, I asked her why. She said, ‘To see Mommo.’

“I realized what she was thinking and squatted down to ask, ‘Did you think we were actually going to see Mommo and Poppo today?’ She said yes. When I said we couldn't, because they were in heaven with Jesus, she dropped her head, and her little face fell. My four-year-old granddaughter approached her little sister, bent down eye-level, and said to her: ‘It's like we can't see God, but He is with us, remember? We can't see Mommo and Poppo either, but they're with us. But we WILL see them again!’”

Our kids and grandkids do catch what we say and teach them. All too often they learn the lessons about God’s love, mercy, and grace better than we adults. Or is it that we have just forgotten what we learned as children?