Healthy Church KIDS blog was created to equip and empower Kidmin leaders so they can cultivate healthy disciples and grow healthy ministries. The posts are written by practicing Kidmin leaders who value a Spirit-led perspective to children’s ministries.

The conversation in the Healthy Church KIDS blog is based on three content themes: Healthy Disciple, Healthy Leader, and Healthy Ministry.

Healthy Disciple focuses on the spiritual formation of children and asks the question, “How do we lead children toward becoming Spirit-empowered disciples?”

Healthy Leader focuses on self-care and leadership growth. The areas of personal development, team management, staff relationships, vision casting, and helping other leaders grow are topics of discussion critical to Kidmin leaders.

Healthy Ministry focuses on the implementation of vision and philosophy. Do your ministry decisions help move children toward a lifetime of committed discipleship evidenced by measurable outcomes?

Each Monday a topic for discussion will be introduced. Throughout the week, three contributors will speak into the topic. The post on Friday will conclude the week’s topic.

The passion of Healthy Church KIDS is for children to participate in the redemptive story of God and not be observers only. To effectively support children on this path, children’s ministries must transition from being program-centric to leading kids in participation and in engagement with the Holy Spirit. As children know and experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit’s activity in their life they begin to experience the abundant life God has for them.