The Power of Blessing

The Aspect of Tru Fire “Blessing”

by Nina Durning / December 4, 2017

From crafts, games, and activities to storytelling techniques and response, each part of a Tru Fire lesson is intentionally designed to help our kids know who God is in their lives. The Tru Fire curriculum intent is that our kids will have real encounters with their Creator and that they will experience His love and presence in our kids’ services.

“Explore” sets the anticipation of what is to come in learning about God. “Discover” reveals the truth of God to our kids in Scripture. “Response” helps our kids apply the truth of God to their daily lives. And “Bless” is the aspect of our service I am focusing on below, because “Bless” is one of the most powerful parts of the kids’ service, and perhaps you may not yet realize that.

Indulge the illustration:

In Genesis 32:22-32, we come to a part of the “Big God Story” where God reveals himself to His servant Jacob. Jacob is traveling with his wives and children, running from his brother, whom he fears. But as Jacob is traveling, late one night, he encounters a man and wrestles with that man all night. When the morning was upon them, the man saw that he had not won the wrestling match, so he touched Jacob at the hip socket and his hip was wrenched. Then he [the man wrestling Jacob] said, “‘Let me go, for it is daybreak.’ But Jacob replied, ‘I will not let you go unless you bless me’” (Genesis 32:26, NIV). As morning was breaking, Jacob realized he was not wrestling a mortal man. He was wrestling God himself. Jacob knew that this encounter with God could change his life forever, and he asks God for one small thing: for God to bless him. Jacob was adamant that he would not let Him go unless he received His blessing.

“The man asked him, ‘What is your name?’ ‘Jacob,’ he answered. Then the man said, ‘Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome’” (Genesis 32:27,28, NIV). Jacob wrestled and struggled with God all night, and was an overcomer. God changed Jacob’s life. Jacob was blessed, and God changed his very name from Jacob to Israel, meaning one who struggles with God. In changing Jacob’s name, God set a new course for Israel and created a new foundation for His people to follow. Israel would lead his descendants in following and struggling with God. This blessing from God changed the course of his life forever.

God didn’t just give Jacob the blessing; He sealed it in Jacob’s life. Jacob’s hip had been touched by God and wrenched. Scripture says that Jacob continued to walk with a limp, due to his hip. Not only did Jacob walk with a limp, but his descendants for generations would not eat the meat from the hip of an animal, as a reminder of where God had touched Jacob. His hip was a constant reminder of the blessing and encounter he had with God.

In Tru Fire, “Bless” provides the following for kids:
• It seals the truth of God in the hearts of our kids who have encountered HIM.
• Our kids have the truth of God spoken over their lives as a reminder of who He is to them and what He has done in their lives.
• It helps them remember what God did on Sunday and gives them the strength they need to put into practice during the week what they learned at church.
• It speaks spiritual life over them, when they might only hear words of death throughout the week.
• It seals in their hearts their relationship, understanding, and encounters with their Creator, so that they KNOW who He is in their lives each day.

Blessing our kids may seem like a very small thing, but the blessings of God can make an incredible impact that can change the course of their lives forever. Make the time for blessing in your service. The impact may be greater than you think.

Have you blessed your kids this week?