4 Way Outreach Centered Christmas

Reaching Those in Need During Christmas

by Nina Durning / December 1, 2017

Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year! I love all the decorations, lights, trees, garland, and snow. I love to see all the houses lit with lights and wreaths. I love to sing along with the songs I hear on the radio, and I love attending all the Christmas parties with friends and family.

Christmas is one of the best holidays because it is our holiday. It is the holiday celebrating the Savior of the world coming to the earth for all mankind. Christmas is the foundation of our beliefs as Christians. We believe Jesus came into this world, as both God and man, to live among us, eventually paying the ultimate price for our sins. This celebration all starts at Christmas.

Since Christmas is our holiday, we should have some of the greatest outreaches and events in our churches and communities to celebrate Jesus’ coming. There is no better time to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ than at Christmas. We should be proud of this season of the year, and use it to reap a great harvest—a harvest of people who might not know Him. So here are some Christmas programs you can do with your church to celebrate Christmas together, but also to reach out to your community and non-churched people.

1. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a fantastic organization that gives toys to families who might not otherwise be able to afford toys. This program allows your church to donate toys and gives families in need the opportunity to pick Christmas gifts for their children. Many Toys for Tots locations will even wrap the gifts, so your church members can also donate wrappings for this program. It is a way to give back to the needy in your community and to share the love of Christ with them at a time of need. I highly recommend Toys for Tots if you are interested in meeting the needs of your community this Christmas. To learn more about hosting a Toys for Tots campaign at your church, visit their website.

2. Angel Tree

Angel Tree is the part of Prison Fellowship that ministers to families of those who are incarcerated. Angel Tree is an amazing program that gives the families at your church the chance the buy a Christmas gift for a child whose parent is incarcerated, having it delivered as if the parent were giving that present to their kid. Angel Tree is a great program to partner with any prison ministries already happening in your church, and reminds your people to think about those who might be forgotten on Christmas day. For more information on Angel Tree, you can visit their website.

3. A Night in Bethlehem (ANIB)

If you are looking for an interactive Christmas event for families in your church, A Night in Bethlehem is a great option. Take your families through the ancient city of Bethlehem and let them experience the shops, people, and stable representative of the time when Jesus was born. They will have the opportunity to do many crafts and activities, while learning about the greatest gift that was ever given, Jesus. ANIB gives your kids the chance to see Mary and Joseph and hear about their journey to Bethlehem, as well as experiencing what life might have been like for the shopkeepers of the time. ANIB gives your church the chance to reach out to the community and invite folks to come experience an interactive, fun event. I encourage you to consider ANIB if you are looking for an outreach Christmas experience.

4. BGMC Christmas Challenge

Each year BGMC holds a BGMC Christmas Challenge campaign to encourage kids to give a little more to BGMC to bless missionaries around Christmas time. Our missionaries are then able to use that money to meet critical needs at Christmas around the world. BGMC has special Christmas projects ranging from buying a yak for a village in Northern Asia to raising money to finance the finishing of a building project in Africa. I highly encourage you to help your kids see the critical needs around the world and challenge them this Christmas to give generously, as God has given to them. Encourage your kids by holding fundraising opportunities and showing them the specific ways they will be making a difference around the world. CLICK HERE for information on the BGMC Christmas Challenge. For questions or further information, email BGMC.

Don’t let Christmas be only about the gifts, decorations, and parties this year. Help your church be active in reaching out to the community or around the world, showing the love of Jesus to those who don’t know Him this Christmas season!